Faith Encore


Lost in pain

I prayed on my own

And dreamed you would save

Me from this cave


I found your voice

And followed your rules           

Rites and fights                                                    

And word of truth

But you abused


My faith and soul

And innocence

I was a tool

For serving your own interests


But now I want

My solitude back

There is no fate

Ni dieu ni maître


Ich knie nie wieder vor dir nieder

I wish you could stay away from cults

Of any kind, and do please burn your idols for good

Get away from the pure

It’s in you, only you


21st century

Is already

Spiritual, it’s a war

On the cynical


Faith against faith

No common enemies

It may be the fall

Of the non believers

A new wave of menace


Hope decruits

While Fear recruits

The need to believe

Remains disprized and unfulfilled


I’m lost in faith

I prayed in vain

There is no fate

Ni dieu ni maître