The law is on our side in 2015: Instruments now allowed as hand luggage

In the beginning of 2015 we hopefully won’t have anymore issues with bringing our instruments onto the plane as hand luggage. This is just amazing since it’s always, ALWAYS been a problem not only for us but for all touring and travelling musicians.

“One passenger complained of being told to consign two violins worth nearly £175,000 into the hold, while another was forced to buy an extra seat for a rare Turkish instrument the size of a guitar and a third prevented from bringing a banjo onto an aircraft. [...] Professional musicians have long been sending [...] horror stories of broken instruments or refused travel just for trying to do their job. While we have had success with individual airlines such as easyJet, the proposal for regulations will come as music to the ears of many musicians travelling around the EU.

“If these regulations go ahead, this will be a huge benefit to professional musicians.”

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