DREAM OR STREAM - the polyvinyl fantasy

Over last couple of years it seems like digitalization goes hand in hand with an increased demand for vinyl and as a vinyl lover and also as a record producer I couldn’t be happier about it. The major problems we’ve been facing though are the lack of pressing machines and a renewed market for Hi-Fi equipment. This so that people won't fear getting a turntable for listening to music with and stop associating it with a complicated, sound-nerdy and expensive hobby. Even though the CD format is still in the lead with 2/3 of the market share, the vinyl sales are increasing with each year while the CD sales continue to decline. 

The trend is finally getting picked up by the industry and the media:

The German company Newbilt has started with the construction of new pressing machines, and one of the company's first client is none other than Jack White and his label Third Man Records who's planning to start his own pressing plant in Detroit. 

I'd also like to recommend a new platform I recently discovered in Los Angeles: vnyl. Their concept is to be the Netflix for vinyl.. why not, sounds cool. 

And for the German readers: here comes MINT, a brand new magazine dedicated to the culture of vinyl. 

I still don’t know how this will develop, but it seems like more and more people agree on the fact that music looks and sound better on vinyl ;)

Alice Gift